SweSum - Automatic Text Summarizer by Martin Hassel and Hercules Dalianis
Localization, Interfaces and Swedish Pronominal Resolution by Martin Hassel

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Text Summarization for English, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish is considered to be state-of-the-art and Text Summarization for French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek and Farsi is in a prototype state.
Generic Summarization does not take into accountance which language the text is written in.
Pronominal Resolution is only (somewhat) implemented for Swedish and is in a prototype state.

Note II.
We would like to thank Dorte Haltrup (CST), Paul Meurer (UiB), Pascal Vaillant (ENST), Andrea Andrenucci & Marco Baroni (UniBo), Horacio Rodríguez (UPC) and Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis & Stergos Afantenos (SKEL-NCSR) for their help with Danish, Norwegian, French, Italian, Spanish respectively Greek lexicons and feedback. We would also like to thank Nima Mazdak and Georgios Pachantouris for their adaptions to Farsi and Greek respectively.